Journey to the Yellow Brick Road

It all began with an insatiable fascination with the living world; an incurable desire at a ridiculously young age (five) to know, learn and understand all that I could about the natural world around me. Indeed, I was blessed to have a mother with a heart of gold; a selfless Mom named Dale, who schlepped me to Bonsai Society and Orchid Society meetings (at age ten). My peers were well-seasoned horticulturists, who took me under wing and gifted me their knowledge before I even understood where the journey might take me.

Enter Thomas Church, Roberto Burle Marx, Ethel Reid, Madame Ganna Walska, Michael Postl, and too many mentors to reconvene here.

 Voila.  The Yellow Brick Road.  When we realized that the long-term dream to manifest the location for an exterior component to the Living Green Dream was right there in front of us,  ready to be realized, we all seized the moment and pushed through the perceived roadblocks to make it happen.  The train tracks in Bayview became Our Yellow Brick Road.  -Kudos to the amazing Living Green Team, their hard work, and dedication to the vision. 

 Hey, There’s no place like Home.

- Davis Dalbok