'The Sea is Rising' San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2016

Living Green has created a fantastical homage to climate change, global warming and rising seas with their Telegraph Hill garden for San Francisco Showcase 2016, 'The Sea Is Rising'.

The garden employs references to King Poseidon, rogue waves,  magical musical gnomes who play for the ocean to return, and all the varied flora and fauna found in tide pools and coral reefs around the globe. The hilltop villa garden, principally the creation of Living Green founder, Davis Dalbok, is described in the program thusly: 

 In a distant land not so far away, the sea will rise, or so they say.
Old olives bear witness to these times, as the hilltop garden doth heartily brine.
 Dot com barons, as your wallets widen,  Yield to the glory of Mighty Poseidon!


*SF Showcase open daily except Mondays, through May 29th.